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Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Master Clocks: The Benefits When Paired With an NTP Server

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Many facility managers have found that operating their clock system with a fully functional master clock makes managing as well as maintaining the clock system a walk in the park. Having the ability to set configurations, schedules, and synchronization from one centralized point for all clocks in the system has saved facility managers time as well as money. While having consistently accurate time displayed throughout all clocks in a building is a crucial part of having a clock system, what if you could do the same exact thing to all IP based devices in the facility with a time display? These devices are computers, printers, fax machines, and any other equipment in the building with an Ethernet connection. When implementing an NTP server into a facility, this is all very possible. However, the main goal is to have synchronized time throughout an entire building-clocks and other time displaying devices together on the same time.The way in which this is accomplished is using an NTP server in conjunction with master clocks.

How does this work?
The NTP server is a time reference for all devices on a facility's network. Anything that plugs into an Ethernet jack will have the ability to receive the time from the server. The master clock, though a server of time as well, only distributes it's time to clocks without the ability to sync other devices. However, the master clock does have the ability to connect to the facility's network just like any other Ethernet device, giving it the ability to receive time from the NTP server that is distributed to all other devices. When the master clock connects to the NTP server, it now has the ability to distribute the server's accurate time to all the clocks in its system, providing consistency among the displays of clocks and the displays hooked up directly to the facility's network.
Why is this so great?
By integrating an NTP server with a master clock system, the user will see how beneficial it will be for their facility.The first, and most obvious,is the benefit of having the same exact time display on every clock and Ethernet device.When employees of the facility are receiving a consistently accurate time reference from any device they see, workflow become streamlined, confusion is avoided and the overall organization within the building is improved.Another benefit less obvious to most,but more obvious to IT personnel, is the fact that the master clock will no longer need to breech a firewall to receive time from the internet.When an NTP server is not installed within the building and the master clock is set to receive NTP time,it must then go out to the internet in order to receive it.However, in our case, the master clock receives the time from the NTP server internal to the building, allowing the clocks as well as all the other devices to get their time in a secure fashion.
Having either a master clock or an NTP server to synchronize all clocks or all Ethernet devices is undoubtedly a great way to improve the inner workings of a facility.However,when you combine both the master clock and all its capabilities with an NTP server and its extremely accurate and secure time reference, the use of synchronized time is maximized.When implementing both devices to work in conjunction with each other,the user will see very notable improvements in their building or facility.

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