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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

How Important Is the Manufacturer's Warranty?

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When you're in the process of designing and installing a cable plant for your building, you have a number of different factors to consider before deciding on what brands to use and what contractor to have install the equipment you choose. Price is an important factor. How long the contractor will take to perform the work is an important consideration. Whether or not the contractor is fully qualified to perform the work and has any unhappy previous customers should be considered. Not many people pay much attention to the manufacturer's warranty, but you should.

Price As a Consideration
Everybody wants to get required work done at the lowest possible price. But there's a price range where you need to ask how the contractor is able to deliver such a low price when all of the other bidders have quoted a significantly higher price. The old saying "You get what you pay for" may have some bearing in this instance and you should query the contractor how they are able to quote such a low price. Yes, you want the best price, but no, you don't want too many corners cut to get that price.

Length of Contract
Ideally, whether you're having a brand new building made or having an existing building remodeled or refurbished, you want everyone doing work to finish on time and around the same time. It's counterproductive to accept a low bid from a contractor that's going to make you wait beyond your specified construction schedule. It's also not going to be very helpful if you need the cabling contractor to be done prior to the installation of carpeting and tile, so that you can bring heavy pieces of telecommunication equipment and set them without ruining a finished product and that contractor states they need a week more than you can afford to give them for the job.

Contractor Qualifications and References
Whether the contractor has an installation staff that is completely qualified to perform the work requested with the required level of quality should be your most important consideration. If you're looking to have your cable plant installed to the Category 6 Augmented standard and one or two of the contractors bidding on the job don't have anyone adequately trained to install cable to this standard, they're not going to be able to meet your contract requirements. Before awarding any contracts, you need to ask the contractors you're more seriously considering for references and check those references. Make sure these previous customers have no complaints about quality of work, adherence to schedules, or performing the work requested, as requested and within budgetary constraints.

Make Sure You Get a Warranty
Before choosing any contractor, make sure you check out the type of warranty you get from them. This means not only the cable plant, but racks, switches, patch panels, and any other equipment provided by them. Having the work guaranteed but not the material used can be an expensive proposition if substandard installation practices cause equipment failure or damage installed cabling.
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