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Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Blogging Tips and Tools

Standing out from the rest

We've been into different posts and discussions on improving the quality of content on your blog. And now, let's focus primarily on what makes a blog stand out from the rest of the competition. Indeed, the blogosphere is booming at a rapid pace. You'll need some sort of things to do for your blog to stand out and get noticed from the rest.
Here are some tips that you can take to show off your blog's uniqueness and get to the top of it's game!

Have your own writing style
If you want your readers to get to know and connect to your blog, you'll need to have your own style of writing. It's obvious, having your own style makes your blog not boring for the readers to read since it will be a new reading experience for them and that is...

More about the "niche"

Niche. The most basic and fundamental part in starting a blog. Choosing a niche makes you focused on one thing. It lets you have one single road and have a sense of direction. It won't make your blogging life complicated. let's consider the effects and some frequently asked questions regarding a niche.

Why have a niche?
Simple! It gives you a more clear direction when you blog. When you have a niche, you can focus more on that topic and makes it easier for you to generate a series of blog posts. Having a specific niche helps your blog from getting found easily by readers all over the net.
What's the disadvantage of not having a niche?
Without a niche, you will not have the flexibility to target...

How to avoid being lazy in blogging?

Being lazy and unproductive lately? Well, we all have that kind of mood sometimes. But if it affects the productivity of your blog then you'll really have to move on and do something! 
One of the biggest reasons why a lot of bloggers fail to create a community is by being lazy. Indeed, there are times that we are out of ideas or we don't have the right motivation to continue and go on type anything. And if you're on that situation, don't worry! Here are some things that you might consider to avoid or recover from a blogger's block.

Get sources
There are some sites offering great source of knowledge or ideas. You can browse the net for your sources, you just need to understand what's being said on a particular blog...


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