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Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

Application Of Marker Storm imap

Over the last year or so a new phrase became more and more common, particularly within the tech community, "there's an app for that." These days it seems that, whatever you want to do there's invariably an app for it. Those currently preparing for hurricane season will therefore no doubt be interested to learn there's an app for that too, the iMapWeather Radio app.

It was announced today by the Weather Decision Technologies that hurricane emergencies will be alerted by iMap. This application is available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The hurricane season that began on 1 June 2011 is currently underway. The iMapWeather Radio could play an important role in one's survival, as long as the communication networks are not knocked down, allowing users to get regular alerts of oncoming hurricanes.
President of the Weather Decision Technology, Mike Eilts, stated that this year's hurricane season could prove particularly damaging. Families must be vigilant and prepared to combat the severe weather usually associated with an oncoming hurricane landfall. One easy way to be informed of location specific warnings, whether it is night or day, is through the iMapWeather Radio.
The cone of probability and severe weather layers of hurricanes nearing landfall will be indicated on the iMapWeather Radio. The cone can be viewed by users in relation to their current locations and saved locations. Users can also receive weather warnings including watches and hurricane winds. Hurricanes are also known to develop into other types of ferocious weather. In such instances, the iMap application will send its users additional alerts like severe thunderstorms, flash floods and marine warnings.
The software is being released on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and will inform users of vital information on dangerous weather such as tornadoes, hurricanes and floods with voice alerts and accurate texts specifying locations. The phone is woken up from its dormant state by the iMap application to alert families by providing early warnings of severe weather. This will help countless people and families relocate to safer places, even if the power goes out or it is in the middle of the night.
The application offers a 'follow me' alert system, where users are informed of precise locations experiencing severe weather danger along with five extra locations. This useful information will allow families to leave their property and safely relocate to an area where they can take shelter. The iMapWeather Radio application was launched on 3 May 2011. So far, the application has seen over 200,000 downloads with emergency alerts sent to nearly 3 million users. iMap application will conserve your battery life while you continue to use GPS to give alerts for your area.
Other key features on iMapWeather Radio application include 24/7 alerts that will wake up the device with three beeps. The users are bound to hear these three beeps and can find safety, even if it is at night. Furthermore, you have the option of listening to forecasts and alerts for your area at any time of the day. The application also offers users access to video features, where you can watch streaming video coverage of severe weather warnings and locations. This means that users receive by the minute coverage of weather warnings.
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