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Senin, 27 Juni 2011

LG VX-8500 Chocolate

The LG VX-8500 is a phone that is stylish but yet goes hand in hand with media features such as the MP3 and camera that are not only attractive to users but also effective. The camera comes with a LED Flash integrated for superb pictures and the MP3 with its headphone and speaker is satisfyingly loud enough allowing users to enjoy their favorite music. This phone is nicknamed "The Chocolate", which is derived from its rectangular shape that resembles a chocolate bar.

Just like a tasty chocolate bar this phone comes with some fine features that will be able to meet the needs of users who are hungry for a phone that can give them more than the boring options of calling and messaging by including Bluetooth, stereo speakers, a speakerphone, a great interface and support of Verizon 3G videos and music services.
It comes in an exquisite black color and a slide that users need to slide in to open the phone making it a perfect choice for those fashionable users or for those who want to give their personality a boost. Also the fact that it comes with some wonderful accessories such as PC Sync software, headphones, charger and a cover to keep the phone clean and in tip top condition just makes it a good deal that users shouldn't miss out on.
This phone can be categorized as lightweight and small with a weight of only 3.5 ounces and a dimension of 3.8 by 1.58 by 0.69 making this sexy phone easy to carry about whether in the hand or pocket. Its slim feature is eye catching and users can opt to make calls with or without opening the slider whichever is comfortable giving them the flexibility they need. The slider also protects the keypad, prevents misdials and offers users with a certain amount of privacy as the Caller-ID is not displayed openly.
Slide open the cool slider to reveal the internal display measuring at 2 inches diagonal that comes with the support of 262,000 colors (320 x 640 pixels). Color enriched images for the viewing pleasure of users and the support of 11 lines of text for easy messaging is simply great making this LG phone unique among its kind. Users can change the clock format, font size and the backlighting time according to their own preferences.
The LG VX-8500 has a totally different array of navigation keys that is really attractive in black and red but users need to understand the functions of the keys in order to control and operate the phone efficiently. The OK button in the centre opens up to the main menu, while the four compass touch button that works in a four way quadrant that is ( up, down, left and right ) is a shortcut for users to access to four user defined functions. The left and right key is to be used for controlling the music player as it serves as a forward or rewind key.
Other remaining navigation keys are the talk key, the two soft keys and a back key. Users can open up to the phone book and messaging options via the two soft keys. The Power/End key is located at the left spine of the phone which makes it special as it is something different rather than copying the same old design that all the phone have. The LG symbol is located above the display followed by the Verizon symbol located just above the navigation keys. The keypads poses no problems for users as it is largely spaced, brightly lit and designed to fit far below the slider ensuring that users don't bump their fingers against the slider.
Since the navigation keys are touch keys this means these buttons are very sensitive and just a brush against the buttons could activate the phone but this shouldn't be a problem as users can adjust the settings to control the sensitivity of the keys whilst the keys will be locked automatically when the phone is not in use or during calls to avod disruption plus this mechanism will avoid misdialing from occurring. Users only need to press the voice dialing key located at the left spine of the phone in the event they want to activate the keys. The volume rocker button is above the voice dialing button followed by a covered and well protected headset jack situated below it.
As for the right spine of the phone, it is dedicated for the entertainment aspect with the camera shutter button followed by the music player shortcut buttons and the Micro SD Card slot. This is an expandable memory slot giving users the option to use the 2 GB micro SD memory card that has the capacity to hold up to 1000 songs which are imply amazing. The camera on the other hand is located behind the slider therefore users have to keep the phone open in order to take snapshots.
The phone comes with a truckload of features, such as a 500 contact phonebook, vibrate mode, text and multimedia messaging, an alarm clock, a world clock, a notepad, a tip calculator, voice command and dialing and support for e-mail and instant messaging. Caller's info can be organized by separating them into groups or by identifying callers with pictures or with the 13 available polyphonic ring tones.
Bluetooth gives this phone an extra boost in its features as it allows users to go wireless by providing them with the liberty of making calls, sending wireless business cards to friends who also have a Bluetooth device and by allowing PC connection it allows users to make modem call and sync their calendar and contacts for a more enriched personal lifestyle. The speakerphone gives users the ability to make calls hands free and the Bluetooth stereo profile allows them to enjoy music while driving.
Other entertainment features would be the ability to download and play 3D games with Bluetooth and the 1.3 megapixel camera that comes with a digital zoom for the best picture taking experience ever. The camera comes with a self-timer, brightness control, five color effects, three shutter sounds and a night mode that promises to deliver photos that are clear and outlined with sharp colors.
Users can enjoy an ultimate music experience with the digital music player that supports both the WMA and MP3 formats and the shuffle, repeat and airplane mode allows users to get the most out of their music. Music can be downloaded wirelessly to the phone or transferred from a PC to the phone with a USB cable. Users can also load songs from the memory card as mentioned earlier.
The LG VX-8500 uses the dual band, dual mode technology (CDMA800/1900;EV-DO) that has no problem in obtaining signals thus delivering solid call quality and provides a satisfying EVDO coverage with a good speed in connectivity allowing users to download games within minutes.

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