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Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Kodak ZX3 Review From The Real User

I am waiting just for this to often be released for several months, and ended up being surprised after i got the actual notice that the ship night out was moved up by a month fot this Kodak ZX3. I've had this camera only for around 12 hours but have spent a few hours with it so far, and it was definitely worth waiting for. I thought to be the Flip Mino but thought we would wait for this to come out because of the ability to use SD cards and also to get rid of and change the battery somewhat cheaply .

I'm really glad I waited, and here's why.
* Picture quality is fantastic. I've uploaded some things to Youtube, and the picture was crystal clear.
* Sound - The mic picked up a nice variety of sounds from office sounds (people typing,etc) to a loud surprise party with clarity.
* Size - It's really small. It's wide and flat. Fits in my jeans pocket and in my shirt pocket as well.
* Battery - I'm waiting to see how long it lasts, but it charged in around an hour and 45 minutes when plugged in to the wall.
* Software - I'm pretty impressed. It's simple but it does pretty much what I'll need it to do. I spent around 30 minutes messing around with it. The video uploaded quickly.It allowed for basic editing, color correction and enhancement,etc. It allows direct upload to Facebook,Youtube,Twitter,and Vimeo.
* Build Quality - It's sturdy. Possibly not heavy however definitely "solid". I like the rubberized surface, I can imagine it will be easier to hold when it's wet. I'm very excited to be able to film my daughter swimming from inside the [--pool--] !
We own a traditional video camera but it's rarely used because it's big and bulky, the battery life stinks, and making it work with the computer is almost impossible. The Kodak is a natural companion for the diaper bag and I look forward to recording many future memories with it.
Your closest to a negative may just be due to the format itself. I used the Kodak software and burned a standard def dvd from a 1080p source and the video looked awful. Very "blocky". I assumed it would at least be "dvd quality" but it's barely VHS. Of course, I could just be doing something wrong. If I figure it out, I'll revise this review!
Other than that issue, I love this Kodak ZX3! The other camera is going to be sold soon, this is all we need!

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