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Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

How to Utilize Coins, Ores, Oil, and Wood in Empire & Allies

Thousands of empires had been built and destroyed from very ancient times until now. Allies and enemies had been constantly changing. If this is valid in real life, then this exciting feature of human life had been brought by Zynga in the most novel game of Empire & Allies launched in Facebook on June 1, 2011. Now you have the chance to build your own empire even though you know very well the difficuties in building an empire.

It is definitely amazing to look back at history and analyze how humans had built large empires over the centuries and had progressed to the present generation. Empire & Allies game of Zynga is no different than real life, in that you need money in both real life and to play this game. Money is the driver of our society. Similarly, in Empire & Allies also, you can make money but here you've to accumulate your resources like coins, ores, oil, and wood, while also helping out your allies.
Looks quite easy, is it not? Truth is quite different. In real life, most societies struggle to generate enough money to build structures and to create protection forces, so that the population of these societies can be kept happy. If your people are unhappy, your society can never raise its level satisfactorily. If your people continue to remain unhappy, your society'll slowly but surely meet its demise. So, the secret is getting more money. What is the secret of making enough money to build your empire in this new game of Zynga?
My recommendation is that you start by helping your allies. Within a few minutes you'll find that you had accumulated substantial amounts of money. Still, this money alone can never be enough to expand your empire. You should construct the right buildings, mine the ores, develop oil rigs, and use the wood available to you. All these lead to increase in your available funds. You should do all this within the short time available to you when you play the game for a few hours a day. You need to make the right decisions.
If you do not use your resources well and expand your empire with more funds, your opponents are going to destroy you easily. You need money to create a huge fighting force with army, air, and sea units. Hence, you must balance your money generation and spending, even while continuing the expansion of your empire.
During these exercises, you'll be continuously raising through various levels. Making money at higher levels is much easier than the lower levels. Still, the expansion of your empire will also cost more and more as your levels go up. You've to ensure that you balance your empire expansion with funds and other resources. Maximizing your earnings is not as easy as you think.
To conclude, mastering Empire & Allies is all about finding out the right techniques and strategies to expand your empire within the shortest possible time. When you know the secrets of Empire & Allies, you can level up much faster than those who play the game for 10 hours a day but do not know the secrets, even if you spend only a few hours a day.

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